Green Roofing Solutions

Featured on KOMO News 4 and People magazine, Troy Wagner is known worldwide as the best green roofer. Troy has owned his roofing company for over 15 years. After having worked on 20,000 roofs, he started to see that the roofs that grew moss on them stopped aging.

Troy’s roof is known as one of the greenest roofs in the world and it can be made possible on your home as well. “A green roof design can go on any home. Mine is 110 years old with a 12/12 pitch. Life expectancy could be 900 years,” says Troy.

Discover your new energy solution.
Green roofs can help your heating and cooling bills as well. They provide shade, insulate the roof and evaporate moisture. This is also the only known roofing system that actually has a negative carbon footprint.

We also have solutions for sustainable plumbing, rainwater collection, and other home projects.

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Green Roofing